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Miriam Beichert (b. 1999 in Mosbach, Germany) is a visual artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. In her work, Beichert contemplates contemporary lifestyles and studies her surroundings. Her paintings feature clothing, advertising and everyday objects that appear like washed-out memories, characterized by blurry, loose sprayed lines and dissolving colors.

2018-2022 Bachelor of Fine Arts @ Macromedia University Freiburg (DE), Prof. Ben Hübsch
2022-2024 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), Prof. Daniel Richter

Selected Exhibitions
2024 Aesthetic Echoes / Plus-One Gallery / Antwerp (BE)
2024 Sides of A Coin (Duo) / Split Gallery /
London (UK)
2024 New Heavy Shit / NBB Gallery / Berlin (DE)
2023 The Logic of Error / Migrant Bird Space / Berlin (DE)
2023 Connecting People (Solo) /  The Backroom, NBB Gallery / Berlin (DE)
2023 The Aftermath of Entertainment / Mom Art Space / Hamburg (DE)
2023 There Is No Sun In This Room / Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)
2022 Dear Diary, ... / Culterim Gallery / Berlin (DE)
2022 1. Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst der Stadt Freiburg / Graduate Show / Kunsthaus L6 / Freiburg (DE)
2022 I Want You So Bad /  Soul2Soul/RU / Geneva (CH)
2021 Money Money Money (Solo)/ Fischmüllers Kunstschaufenster / Freiburg (DE)
2020 Die Frauen des Hauses / Black Forest Institute of Art / Lenzkirch (DE)

Art Fairs
2023 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair with Migrant Bird Space
2022 Freiburg Art Fair (FAF)

2022 Förderpreis für Bildende Kunst der Stadt Freiburg
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